Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year Restart Meditation

Throughout the year, we accumulate a lot of unnecessary things, ideas, thoughts, that we don't realize how far we've moved out of track. We all need some sort of refresh button to get us back in the direction that we've intended for ourselves.

This year, my husband and I have decided to do some meditation and some rituals to start 2013 fresh and new. This is our plan for the next few days:

Day 1: Emptying

Start out with yoga. As we ease our bodies into a one day fast we have a fruit shake in the morning and soup for lunch and dinner. Unplugging. getting offline ( after I write this).

This will be a day of SHEDDING. First, we do a physical shedding of unnecessary material things. We go to each room in our house, pick up objects and ask: WOULD OUR LIFE BE LESS WITHOUT THIS? If the answer is no, then the object goes to a giveaway or a throwaway pile. If the answer is yes, the object stays.

After the material shedding, we do file shedding. We go through files on our computers, phones and other devices. we ask the same shedding question. WILL OUR LIFE BE LESS WITHOUT THIS? We back up the files that we need and delete the rest. Computers and mobile devices will be refreshed or updated.

The most difficult part of this will be to go inside and ask the same question. Which ideals, which concepts and ideas have we out-grown? What are we attached to? This is where a meditation will be useful. Morning pages: Three pages of free flowing writing. A mind cleansing ritual. A 100 breath meditation. Thoughts are clouds that you allow to pass, not holding on to or following any of them. Delete old affirmations, old dreams, old goals. Melt away old pains, old issues with breaths. Go to zero.

Day 2: Silence

This day will be a day of silence. A day of listening to breaths. Drinking only honey-water throughout the day, We conserve our energy and go deeper inwards. Sitting meditation, walking meditation, listening.

Of course all this will be explained to our 5-year-old, Mecca. She will have her full meals and will do what she usually does. I think it will be good for her to see us go through these rituals. She can sit with us or play or draw. She has her own way of meditating anyway (which is most pure and most honest).

This second day will be about clearing energy, cleaning house, sweeping away dust from the corners of our mind. Wiping away old fears.

Day 3: Restart. Create.

We restart with yoga. We ease out of our fast by doing our soup meals throughout the day. We make new affirmations, formulate new dreams, make a new plan. Create a new vision board. We chart out a path using the stars. We send out new intentions like invisible ships going out into the universe to start their process of manifestation.

We fill up with new joy with gratefulness for a new day a new year a new us. We fill up with new inspiration. Say our new affirmations out loud. Dance. Celebrate new hearts, new minds. In the evening we will have a little film festival of inspiring movies.

So with this, let me say goodbye. When I come out of this cocoon in a few days, I will be new. Thank you for listening with me. Happy love to you, fellow-traveller. Let's go to the next level together.

I raise my banana coffee milkshake to you!!!

Namaste sweeties.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!!! that's a wonderful idea and great inspiration for me!!!! i would love to go through the process like yours with my husband, we do need it.thanks